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DTG Yazıcı / T Shirt Yazıcının Uygulamaları

T-shirt printer is also called universal flatbed printers or flatbed printers, which breaks through the bottleneck of digital printing technology, to realize the true sense of a piece of printing, without plate making, a complete full color image, is the replacement of the traditional printing machine.

√ Personal customized industry

In daily life, based on the requirement of personalized T-shirt. Many clients want their favorite pictures direct to print on t-shirts, achieve perfect personal interest. And compared with those of traditional process heat transfer,T-shirt printer can print directly operation. Colour respect more than ten times stronger than ordinary process, and the artificial cost and material cost declines 80% linearly.

√ Garments printing

For fleece jacket printing, many customers have concerns so thick material can printer finish the work? Actually this kind of worry is unnecessary, because we have specially print mold can realize perfect positioning and the color printing. This kind of industrial-grade printer can completely realize the 24 hours of homework, provide enough profit space for small customers.

√ Textile

In currently printing industry, more professional industry, such as the traditional leather industry printing: silk screen printing color of a single, simple color; Large leather printing machine is expensive, high requirements for material; Thermal transfer material would be destroyed. Traditional way of printing is crystal industry lamination process. Organic glass industry is screen printing, metal industry are more thermal transfer, etc. So once you have textile printer, you have the stronger competitive advantage than the counterparts.

√ Caps

Hat has a sunshade, decoration, and protective effect of warming.So a lot of more phyletic, the choice also has exquisite. According to the first face choose appropriate hat. Want to choose according to his figure next hat. Wear a hat and clothes, to try to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses.Hat print now fashion darling!

√ Jackets

Jacket as handsome tide leader, if the jacket came up out of the use function, can be roughly divided into three categories: as the uniform jacket; As a casual jacket; As a dress jacket. In modern life jacket light comfortable characteristics, determines its vitality. With the rapid development of modern science and technology, the continuous improvement of people’s material life, the changing of fabric, the jacket must be the same as other types of clothing styles, novel and more active in the dress of life in the world.

√ Pants

When face the pants printing customer’s concern is garment printing good or on the cloth printing first, then make garment. Accurate positioning is the advantage of our machine, and to realize batch printing is our strength. On the two, we can give the customer a satisfactory solution. Our ink is water-based environmental protection free from contamination, there is no damage to human skin.